Welcome to my website and I am so happy that you are here! Allow me to guide you down the path of unwinding, balancing your body and healing. Experience renewal with the many benefits of massage therapy. 

I offer a variety of techniques specifically tailored to meet your needs and goals.  I welcome all ages and challenging conditions. 

I am confident and experienced that I can assist your body in the healing process.   Here are a few conditions that I have experience with in my career including many others not listed:

- stress relief

- muscle tension, back pain, neck pain, leg/arm, shoulder & hip pain/tension

-  migraines/headaches

- arthritis pain and tension

- anxiety & depression

- post surgery pain relief

- psoas release

- tension & pain caused by repetitive use, work related overuse

- swelling of legs/arms (edema) 

- pregnancy strain/pain/tension relief

- joint replacement recovery

- chronic pain 

- joint replacement pain - knee, hip, shoulder 

- sports & exercise injuries, maintenance & recovery

- neck tension and pain

- shoulder/upper back pain and tension

- low back tension, hip tension/pain

- rotator cuff tear

- Sciatica

- carpal tunnel

- fibromyalgia

- cancer side effects & stress reduction

- ringing in ears

- TMJ 

- sinus pressure relief

- autism

- child massage

- and more

To set up an appointment online with me, click on the "Book Appointment" button.  You can also call me or send a message in the "Contact Me" tab and I will respond promptly to answer any questions that you may have.

Have a wonderful day!